How Does the Ball Brush Work?

Designed by a hair professional with nearly 30 years of experience, the Ball Brush mimics the spherical contour of your head to create a softer, more natural presentation that complements your face shape. The easy-grip handle allows you to twirl your hair in any direction without fuss, and the smooth, rolling motion with gentle-tip bristles preserves your hair’s strength and shine.

When you use a Ball Brush, you can achieve salon-perfect hair in the comfort of your home!

How Does the Ball Brush Differ from a Traditional Round Brush?

A “round” brush isn’t actually round—it’s a cylinder! And since cylinders can only roll in one direction, using a round brush requires you to stretch and contort your arms in clumsy ways that Mother Nature never intended. Plus, round brushes tend to wear out in the middle while the ends remain untouched. Why pay for brush “real estate” that you never use?

With a Ball Brush, you can hold the brush in a position that feels comfortable for you while still reaching all of your hair. You can roll it, twirl it, flip it, feather it, lift it—whatever your heart desires!