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The New NEON BALL BRUSH Collection


The classic neon ball brush. Great for medium-long hair styles. With a Ball Brush, you can hold the brush in a position that feels comfortable for you while still reaching all of your hair. You can roll it, twirl it, flip it, feather it, lift it – whatever your heart desires!

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Product Description

Imagine achieving your ideal hairstyle with just one versatile brush.

  • No more painful tangles
  • No more fumbling with awkward brushes
  • No more drawer full of beauty tools that don’t do the job

What does The Twirler do?

  • Super-lift at the roots
  • Leave no flat spots with patented spherical design
  • Twirl easily through the hair
  • Dry hair fast with super ventilated design
  • Style tangle-free twirling naturally